Four pregnant sheep were brought into birthing stalls last night at Kidwell Farm as a precaution.  Mae is expected to give birth first. Her due date is February 3rd and she is starting to show signs that she is right on schedule.  Paul mentioned that the lambs shift in their mother's belly as the due date approaches, leaving a ridge across her back.  If you are volunteering early this week you will be able to see the difference between Mae's back and the flatter backs of the other "less pregnant" sheep.  Another clear sign, which is pretty standard across barnyard species, is that a mother will begin to consume excess water prior to going into labor.  

This should be a very exciting week at the farm and a great start to birthing season!


02/03/2010 17:41

Mae had 3 lambs 2/2/10 around 8:30 PM during the snow!! The heaviest weighed about 11 lbs.


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